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sound collective has undertaken numerous education projects since 2005.


We have worked with primary school children, teenage composers and musicians at postgraduate Conservatoire level. Participants have benefited from the experience, talent and enthusiasm of the musicians associated with sound collective.


Projects have often focused on creative composition, and we have collaborated with a number of organisations to deliver these including Jackdaws Music Trust, Trinity Laban, Raise the Roof, Rhythmically Speaking, Sound and Music and the Deal Festival of Music and Arts.


Classical music needs to be made much more accessible to those who currently have no real interest in the genre. A lot of work aiming to address this has taken place in the last twenty years or so, but more needs to be done, and sound collective design their performance and education projects with this in mind. We want to introduce new people to classical music and promote their active participation in musical activities as both audience members and musicians. Without developing a substantial new audience to support it live, classical music performance and appreciation could in future become a niche activity only accessible to the few. We at sound collective understand that classical music has the potential to enrich the lives of the many, and are working to realise this.


We are always searching for partners for collaborations in this sphere - please contact us if you have an idea you would like to share.





"...The education day was amazing! All our students were inspired (as well as myself!) and we all learnt a great deal from Kerry Andrew and the awesome sound collective musicians. It was a relaxed and creative day where students were encouraged to think and develop for themselves.


We would very much like to be able to take up opportunities like this in the future..."


Joanna Stapley, Director of Music, Astor College for the Arts

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" all made this one of the best projects we have done and it's made a huge impact...your final performance of The Soldier's Tale was utterly compelling..." 


Jackdaws Music Education Trust

iPad music concert at Keele Hall, Staffordshire sound collective education project. sound collective education project. Emma Fry with violin at MusicUpClose concert.