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More dates and projects to be announced soon.


Projects in development:


LCM at the Movies


The 'LCM at the Movies' initiative is an exciting new film music project that will see the London College of Music (LCM) collaborate with the professional musicians of sound collective, to produce a series of film composer workshops leading to an 'LCM at the Movies' event in 2017/18. This project will provide a number of opportunities for composition students at LCM and the benefits of their involvement with the scheme will be seen be as follows:


  • The opportunity of having their compositions performed in a public setting, synchronised to picture by the professional musicians

  • Development of valuable communication, and time management skills whilst working with (and preparing music for) professional performers

  • Networking and collaborating with students from other schools/disciplines (namely the Film, Media & Design School, plus students from the Stage Management, Performance, and Music Technology programmes) and professional musicians from sound collective

  • The potential for generating further work on the strength of these collaborations, and from any film-makers/ professional musicians attending the final event

  • The event, as a whole, can be seen as a celebration of the creative courses, currently being offered by the university.



Secret Sounds of WWI


This project will see sound collective work with a number of Staffordshire based organistions (Keele Concerts Society, Keele University, Make Some Noise, CREATED Academy) and schools from the area.


The ‘Secret Sounds of WWI’ aims to see students from local schools work with professional musicians, practitioners and undergraduates from partner organisations using classical musical instruments and digital music technology to realise a number of mixed media compositions and performances, inspired by archive material from local museums and libraries, and the memories of family members of war veterans. The material created will be based upon the stories of partner schools’ former pupils, local residents, and also the part played by members of Keele’s Sneyd Family in the Great War, inspiring the retelling of these stories in a sonically and visually unique manner. The final performance of the pieces will take place in Keele Hall as part of the Keele Concerts Society programme of events, a fitting and atmospheric venue for a project of this type.


The final performance will be a promenade show that will take the audience throughout the various

rooms of Keele Hall and will feature music, poetry and theatre under the concept ‘Then and